Following a tragic accident, I adopted Koa, a Sun Conure Parrot.  Not being very mobile, Koa was my sunshine and therapy while i recovered from life-threatening trauma. Through my recovery time, I started to teach Koa a few basic tricks and quickly realized how smart Koa was. Over time, I challenged both myself and Koa with harder tricks – tricks rarely ever performed by smaller parrots. As much as I was teaching Koa, Koa was teaching me how to communicate effective to him. Koa’s repertoire has now become quite extensive with 100 tricks and dressing up; he can successfully entertain crowds for extended periods of time.

Hire Koa!
Koa is now a regular feature as a performer and entertainer.
Professional: productions such as TV, film and print modeling. Many acts in Koa’s repertoire can easily be commercialized and he has a professional seamstress to make the required outfit.
Community: Parrot education, trick entertainment or as a therapy pet, Koa is experienced working at expos, corporate events, retail functions, galleries, museums, schools, senior facilities and broadcast stations.
Koa’s performances have landed the interests of major players like Good Morning America, Ellen DeGeneres and the Guinness Book of World Records.  
Koa is the only bird in the world that successfully paints and his paintings are now in high demand across the world.  To commission a painting, please email me.

Please see the social page for links to Koa’s pictures and videos.



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